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Academy 2015

Soulpepper Academy

2016-2018 Academy submissions have now been accepted. Only those candidates successful in obtaining interviews will be contacted. Thank you.

The Academy is composed of actors, designers, directors, playwrights, and producers, a new and unprecedented expansion demonstrating Soulpepper's continued dedication to training the next generation of theatre artists. The Academy curriculum aims to develop theatre artists who will, upon graduation, be ready to create, contribute to, and work with Soulpepper and other professional performing arts companies.

Soulpepper strives to play a significant role in the development of future generations of theatre artists through the Soulpepper Academy. This full-time, paid training program was launched in 2006.

Academy Faculty

Albert Schultz, Academy Artistic Director
Leah Cherniak, Associate Head
Alan Dilworth, Head of Directing
Leslie Lester, Head of Producing
László Marton, Director Emeritus
Diego Matamoros, Head of Acting
Mike Ross, Head of Music
Lorenzo Savoini, Head of Design
Guillermo Verdecchia, Head of Playwriting
Acting Faculty

Daniel Brooks
Leah Cherniak
László Marton
Diego Matamoros
Nancy Palk
Albert Schultz
Joseph Ziegler

Sarah Lazzarino, Academy Administrator

Soulpepper Academy Alumni

"My original intention was to pursue a career as a musician. So there were many experiences, from an acting standpoint, that I didn't have until I arrived here and one of those was being in a Shakespearean play. So at the age of 32, at the most prestigious classical theatre company in Canada, I made my Shakespeare debut!" - Mike Ross, Soulpepper Academy 2006-2008

"It's been a challenging, beautiful two years and whatever I do and whoever I become will absolutely be coloured by this experience." - Sarah Wilson, Soulpepper Academy 2006-2008

We gratefully acknowledge the following supporters of the Soulpepper Academy:

and the philanthropic support of Soulpepper's Soul Circle Mentors