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Soulpepper stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
FreeUp! Emancipation Day 2020
Including a Piece Directed by Weyni Mengesha
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"I've absolutely loved every performance I've seen (some twice) and believe support is crucial during these times. Please know that your passion, dedication, and talent are appreciated by communities from all around. Stay strong, love to you all."

Lu-Anna C.

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"Donating is a way to acknowledge the wonderful work you do at Soulpepper. I've seen so many great performances, I wanted to give something back."

Carol S.

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We need your support

"Our "before" calendar still shows the dates when we'd be attending performances at Soulpepper. So, when we come across a cancelled performance,  we have a moment of mourning for the thrilling evening of theatre lost to us.  But our loss is small compared to the challenges faced by the company. We so look forward to "after"."

Barbara P.

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Soulpepper Perspectives: Raha Javanfar

"Like my garden, I myself have spent the last six weeks undergoing a messy growth spurt. The brutal events that shook the world shook me in a way I hadn’t felt before..."

Raha Javanfar shares her experiences from the last month learning to tend to a garden, learning about the injustices and racism present in the world, and her reflections on this moment. 

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Soulpepper is Canada’s leading artist-driven theatre company. We believe that stories can connect us, that they are vital to our understanding, compassion and knowledge, and that they can motivate us toward social change. We are passionate, understanding, and inclusive, instilling the values of belonging, excellence, and innovation in all we do.


As per Provincial health guidelines, performing arts companies remain closed. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is safe to do so. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.