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Free 25 & Under


If you, or someone you know, is 25 years or under, you can get free tickets to Soulpepper productions with our Free 25 & Under program! Join and get access to free tickets to Soulpepper programming and exclusive enrichment opportunities, artistic workshops, and backstage tours and social gatherings – all at no cost!

Free 25 & Under Tickets

A place in the heart where a father and daughter meet.

Where the Blood Mixes takes us to the place where the rivers meet, to the heart of a family. After decades apart, Christine returns to her First Nations community to reconnect with her father. Her return provokes his memories of the Residential School system and together they must confront that legacy and its effect on their family. With beautiful heart and great humour, this is a celebration of resilience and the healing power of stories.


If the Free 25 & Under tickets do not appear please use promo code FREE25


Big, bold, transformational initiatives like the Free 25 & Under program has been made possible through the support of SunLife, and we hope that you will all join us. 

The Free 25 & Under program is supported by Sun Life