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Free 25 & Under


If you, or someone you know, is 25 years or under, you can get free tickets to Soulpepper productions with our Free 25 & Under program! Join and get access to free tickets to Soulpepper programming and exclusive enrichment opportunities, artistic workshops, and backstage tours and social gatherings – all at no cost!

Queen Goneril

Lear’s daughter in a man’s world.

Set seven years before King Lear, Queen Goneril finds Lear's three daughters trying to find their voices while fighting a patriarchal system at odds with their aspirations. In Goneril we find a natural born leader. In Regan a boundary pusher, and in Cordelia a reluctant peacekeeper. How can they find their voices when no one is listening? Queen Goneril brings the background into focus, and a previously deafening silence to an irresistible crescendo.


King Lear

Goneril’s father near the end of his reign.

Sovereignty is a young man’s game, and it’s time for this aging monarch to fade into the background with one final demand - that his daughters profess their love for him before dividing the kingdom among them. This proves more complicated than anticipated, sending the family spiraling into madness and an unquenchable thirst for power.

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Bad Parent

Parenthood isn’t easy. Especially in front of an audience.

While most people get to keep their parenting struggles behind closed doors, Charles and Norah are laying theirs bare. As the young couple navigate their life as parents of a toddler, they also try to figure out who they are in relation to each other, their son, and the audience. From the creator of Kim’s Convenience comes a humorous and honest story about the rocky rite of passage into parenthood.

Rolling World Premiere


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Big, bold, transformational initiatives like the Free 25 & Under program has been made possible through the support of SunLife, and we hope that you will all join us. 

The Free 25 & Under program is supported by Sun Life