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Associate Company

Associate Company

Photo of Bad Hats

Bad Hats Theatre is Soulpepper’s First Associate Company 

Bad Hats Theatre is a company of new generation artists bringing innovative, multidisciplinary works to the stage. With an emphasis on pieces that speak to multiple generations, we work collaboratively with our artists to develop work for audiences of all ages. We believe storytelling has the power to ignite and gather communities in curiosity and our practice is centered around bringing us closer together in understanding and questioning the strange and magical act of growing into a person. Our work champions the voice of the next generation and aims to empower our audiences to recognize that voice in themselves, and use it for good.

Learn more about bad hats at

Photo: Aleksandar Antonijevic

“Bad Hats maintains its style of finding innovation in limitation.”

- The Toronto Star

“Bad Hats Theatre knocked it out of the park.”

- Mooney on Theatre

“Bad Hats come(s) off as a bunch of big kids at play.”

- The Globe and Mail

“A group of theatre makers who are the real deal.”

- The Slotkin Letter