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Featured Performer

SOULPEPPER 2024: The Big Easy

FOR SOULPEPPER: The Secret Chord: A Leonard Cohen Experience, Detroit: Music Of The Motor City; Slaight Music AssociateThe Golden Record; Fool For Love; The Riverboat Coffee House - The Yorkville Scene; True North: A Concert Of Canada; The Manhattan Concert Cycle - The Melting Pot; Blood Wedding; American Pie - A Songbook Investigation; A Moveable Musical Maritime Feast; Spoon River; Salon Series (various); A Month In The Country; As You Like It

OTHER THEATRE (selected): The Shape Of Home: Songs In Search Of Al Purdy (County Stage Company); Ghost Quartet (Crows Theatre); Serving Elizabeth (Thousand Islands Playhouse/Western Canadian Theatre); UnCovered: The Music Of Dolly Parton; Porchside Songs; UnCovered: Notes From The Heart; UnCovered: Dylan & Springsteen; UnCovered: Queen & Bowie (Musical Stage Company); Romeo and Juliet, The Beard Of Avon (CanStage); What Makes A Man (Necessary Angel); The Grapes Of Wrath (Stratford Festival); Boblo, Petrichor, Detroit Time Machine, Pelee, Reesor (Kitchenband); The Book Of Judith (Theatre Centre/Die In Debt/Absit Omen); The Unforgiving (Belltower Theatre) FILM/T.V (selected): Composer: Edweard; People We Meet; The Determinist; Lost Girl; Small Town Murder Songs; Cooking With Stella; One Week; This Beautiful City

OTHER: Andrew is an award-winning artist who can be heard on over 50 albums and has performed extensively throughout North America and Europe. He is a founding member of the award-winning, multidisciplinary collective, Kitchenband who create stories inspired by obscure history and geography. Andrew lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and 3 sons.