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SOULPEPPER 2022: Where the Blood Mixes

FOR SOULPEPPER: Almighty Voice and His Wife (2019 - Dora Nomination for Outstanding Performance), Three Sisters (2007), The Time of Your Life (2007) King Lear (2006), Our Town (2006), The Government Inspector (2006)

OTHER THEATRE: MacBeth (Great Southwest Shakespeare Festival), This is How We Got Here, Ipperwash (Native Earth Performing Arts), The Berlin Blues, Ipperwash (Blyth), The Drawer Boy, Proof (Centaur), Hard Times for These Times (NAC), A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It (Driftwood Theatre), Danny, King of the Basement (MTYP), Hayfever, Anne of Green Gables (Thousand Islands Playhouse) and Heart of a Distant Tribe (CIT/Equity Showcase Theatre)