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JD Leslie was born and raised in Scarborough, ON. 
SOULPEPPER 2024: Three Sisters
FOR SOULPEPPER: Her Words Festival - Queen Goneril (Workshop, 2021) 
OTHER THEATRE: On The Air (Lighthouse Festival); Vierge (Factory); Is God Is (NAC); Snow White (Young People's Theatre); Portia's Julius Caesar (Hart House); Elbow Room (Toronto Fringe) 
FILM & TELEVISION: A New Diva's Christmas Carol (Green Door Pro.); Good Witch (Hallmark); The Anniversary (Dir Shaun Boyd) 
OTHER: JD is honored to make her official Soulpepper debut. "Big Love to my family and dearest friends; Cadence, Camille, Missem, and #BBFA. You are my world."