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Josette Jorge

Josette Jorge was born in Vancouver and lives in Toronto with her 15 monther, 46 monther, and husband Fane. Bad Parent is her Soulpepper debut. Other Theatre: Except In The Unlikely Event of War (Pi Theatre); Sisters (Gateway Theatre); Play With Monsters (Solo Collective); Proof (Mnemonic Theatre); Sex in Vancouver (vAct). Film/TV: Schitt’s Creek; Locke and Key; Salvation; Run the Burbs;The Stanley Dynamic; Tiny Homes for Christmas; Bakugan;Transformers Botbots; Abby Hatcher; Ollie. Leo Award nominee for Lead Performance in a Feature Film (Attic Trunk), Jessie Richardson Theatre Award nominee for Supporting Actor (Play With Monsters), Recipient of vAct Walk of Fame Award.