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Academy Artist

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to dedicate my time and focus to improving my craft, and to have the chance to work and create with an ensemble. I hope I will be able to take the skills I learn with the Academy and integrate them into all aspects of my artistic practice, and hopefully find new ways to tell the stories that I always longed to see growing up.

Kiana Woo was born in Richardson, Texas and raised in Calgary, Alberta. SOULPEPPER 2022: King Lear. Soulpepper Academy Member. OTHER THEATRE: The Fiancée (Citadel Theatre); Alice in Wonderland (Guild Festival Theatre); Hamlet In Isolation (Thou Art Here Theatre); Cymbeline (Shakespeare Bash’d); E-Day (Serial Collective/Theatre Network); That’s Danger! (Alberta Workers Health Centre); The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Theatre Calgary/Shakespeare by the Bow); Doll House, The Lower Depths, and The School for Scandal (Studio Theatre) OTHER: Instagram (@kikihybrid) Kiana is also a clown, who's self created work has played at Play the Fool Festival, and Common Clown Festival. Love to all her family and friends who support her endlessly.