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Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison was born in Ghana, raised in Bermuda and Canada.

SOULPEPPER: Global Cabaret; The Brothers Size (2019 Dora, TTCA awards); Free Up!; Death and the King's Horseman (2020)

OTHER THEATRE: “Golden Tale of Djungle Bouti”; “AKOMA”; “Obaaberima” (Buddies); “Bluebird”; “Marriage of Anansewa”; “Anowa”; “Buna” (bcurrent); “Last Dance”; “After All”

FILM & TELEVISION: "Flying Stars", "Soul Food", "Friday 13th", CBC: Culture Shock, FIFA 2010, Nissan, Nabob, HSBC, Genie Awards, TSN, CAMH, The Tenant, Sounds of the Past

OTHER: Doras, JUNOs, TIFF, Chalmers, Irie Music, ABEDORC, TAMA, eye Magazine, GCH Music, TO Indie, Banff Centre, Atlanta Bronze Lens