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Our People


Marcel Stewart is an actor, writer, director, arts educator, and organizer who works at Suitcase in Point as their Outreach Director. With Jamaican roots that go back generations, Marcel was born in the UK but raised in Canada amongst an eclectic and robust mix of cultures. Marcel was a member of the Soulpepper Academy, and he recently completed the Theatre Enhancement Program (Directing Foreman) through Factory Theatre. Marcel is a multi-time Dora nominated actor and has performed in numerous Dora Award-Winning productions. Marcel recently directed his first podcast: Toronto Pigeons (Factory Theatre) and is currently developing a theatrical audio series. Acting credits include: The Brothers Size (Soulpepper); Father Comes Home From the Wars (Soulpepper); Incident at Vichy (Soulpepper); The Drawer Boy (Festival Players); Wilberforce Hotel (Blyth Festival); We Are Proud to Present (Theatre Centre); Up the Garden Path (Obsidian); Toronto the Good (Factory Theatre). Marcel often returns to the questions: Who am I? How am I? How did I get here? Who have I lost? What is my purpose?
Twitter: @marcystews
Soundcloud: Freedom: A Mixtape