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Oliver Dennis was born in Montreal and raised in Carbondale, Illinois.

SOULPEPPER 2022: Where the Blood Mixes, Queen Goneril, King Lear

FOR SOULPEPPER: Around 100 productions since the first season. Here, he has had the opportunity to play Shakespeare and Moliere, Miller and Williams and Albee. Beckett, Ionesco, Orton. Simon. Sarah Ruhl and Suzan-Lori Parks and Tracey Letts. David French and Morris Panych/Brenda Robins and Mike Ross/Sarah Wilson and Lee MacDougall and Vern Thiessen and Michael Shamata. Shaffer, Story, Stoppard, Frayn and Aykbourn. To name some.

FILM & TELEVISION: Please support Canadian Film by catching American Hangman and Don't Get Killed in Alaska on a popular media platform. And also, Slings and Arrows!