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Ram Ganesh Kamatham


Ram Ganesh Kamatham is an award-winning playwright, consultant and researcher. He has interdisciplinary academic training in the anthropology of media (M.A. SOAS, University of London), international relations (M.Sc. RSIS, NTU Singapore), strategic studies and diplomacy.
Ram Ganesh has worked in the policy think-tank space and has consulted with UNESCO in the domain of peace-building, with a focus on digital methods on countering/prevention of violent extremism (C/PVE). He brings a grounded and contextual understanding to work that involves human rights based approaches at the international level. He currently works at the intersection of digital strategy and foresight, leading a project on the state of sustainability in the shipping industry.
His artistic work is underpinned by practice-led research and often reflects the unique cosmopolitanism found within Indian cities. The work combines intellectual rigour, with a keen eye for the intersection between artistic expression and academic discourse, to communicate across disciplinary divisions and to diverse audiences.