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Samay Arcentales Cajas was born in Toronto and raised on the west coast and in her home country, Ecuador. SOULPEPPER 2022: Where the Blood Mixes OTHER THEATRE: Mischief (Roseneath Theatre); Reverence | Rage (Peñasco Theatre, NM); Kisâkihitin/Gizaagin (Paprika Festival), Izzie M.: The Alchemy of Enfreakment (Chocolate Woman Collective). FILM & TELEVISION: Solar Lodge, Toe the Line, Paladin, The Story of the Dancing Heart, In Moment. OTHER: Samay Arcentales Cajas is a queer (Kichwa) digital media artist and filmmaker based in Toronto. In her work she explores human-land relationships, the new media dimensions of indigenous cosmology, and immersive art as a site of liberation.