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Academy Artist

I'm excited to fail in front of my peers and be all the better for it, because I know I'll have a support system invested in helping me actualize the best version of myself. I hope to learn the intricacies of constructing professional theatre, and birthing my ideas into reality.

Shaquille was born in Scarborough, ON and raised in suburbia across this vast continent. SOULPEPPER 2022: King Lear. OTHER THEATRE: The Darkest Dark (Young People's Theatre); Ragtime (Theatre Calgary); The Lost Heroes of Oro (Theatre by the Bay); There is No Word for Wilderness (Animacy Theatre Collective). OTHER: When he isn't acting, Shaquille also enjoys writing for stage, screen, and pocket change.

Shaquille is an actor who hails from many places across this vast continent, but distinctly caught the acting bug in Barrie, Ontario. His mother would like you to know he is a Theatre and Drama Studies graduate from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College.

Now a denizen of Toronto, Shaquille does his best to stay busy, appearing in various theatre productions, workshops, short films, and a familiar commercial or two. When he isn't acting, Shaquille also enjoys writing, singing, and daydreaming about food.