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Trey Anthony


Trey Anthony is an award-winning writer and producer. She is the first black woman in Canada to have a television series on a prime time network. Her work includes the plays, ‘da Kink in My Hair and How Black Mothers Say I Love You. She is co-writing a feature film which is an adaption of her play entitled, How Black Mothers Say I love You, which is supported by Telefilm Canada and Film Wales. Trey is a former writer for The Comedy Network, Global TV, OWN and has recently joined the writing team of the television show, Unconventional, created by Emmy nominated Kit Williamson. She has won four NACCP awards and has delivered a popular, viral TED talk. She is a contributing writer for Huffington Post. Her new book, Black Girl in Love (with herself), published by Penguin Random House and Hay House, will be available January 2021.