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Academy Artist

Varun Guru is an actor, singer, musician, voice actor born and raised in India and based in Toronto. He has appeared in an award winning Cannes short film, Nova Scotia government commercials, and web-series, web shorts and feature films. He is a proud ACTRA member. With over twenty years of voice acting experience, he has voiced Ubisoft video games; Hyundai, Woodland and Indian government commercials, and public awareness radio programmes. Varun is also an experienced singer and musician trained in Indian vocals and Western Classical guitar, and has performed live across multiple venues, and composed music for brands like Subway, Ikea, Intel and MG Motor. He is an actor-in-residence at the Soulpepper Theatre Academy (2022), where he wrote and performed a solo show guided by Guillermo Verdecchia, and trained on acting techniques with Gregory Prest, Ins Choi, Leah Cherniak and Ravi Jain. He is mentored by the legendary Philip Akin. For SOULPEPPER: King Lear, Axe AKA Akshay, 2022. At Shaw Festival: Mahabharat, 2023