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July 20, 2011

Absurdism and James Bond – Brenda Robins

Brenda Robins has appeared in fifteen Soulpepper productions over the years, including The Time of Your Life, Parfumerie, King Lear and Our Town. Brenda has also worked with Tarragon, Canadian Stage, The Grand Theatre, and both the Stratford and Shaw festivals. For Exit the King, Brenda will play the role of Queen Marguerite.

We are well into a very long rehearsal period. Long by usual standards but for a play such as Exit The King, a necessary indulgence. We will probably still feel under-rehearsed when it comes time to put in front of an audience. It’s absurd theatre after all and there are no rules for this kind of thing. It may be Ionesco’s most linear play but it’s still ABSURD!

Exit the King Rehearsal

Oliver Dennis and Brenda Robins in rehearsal for Exit the King. Photo: Jason Hudson.

But we are getting there. When you work on a piece like this, which is a kind of fantastical journey down a familiar road, the impending death of a loved one, you have to find sign posts which are recognizable. They are showing themselves.

We are all still struggling to “find” our characters. No, I shouldn’t speak for everyone. I’m still searching for the right clues. Of course our portrayals will all be heavily influenced by ourselves, but there are shades and colours to add into the mix. After a few goes at this thing I have determined that my Queen best resembles a character from James Bond films and I’m not going to say who but as long as I have her in my sights all shall be revealed. That is my plan anyhow and it’s the best one I have right now. And Albert is directing and he is a Bond fan also and so he is happy to help me stay pointed in the right direction. Oh, James.