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March 7, 2018

Donor Profile: Ann and Saar Pikar

How did you first learn about Soulpepper/What is your first memory of Soulpepper?
We first learned of Soulpepper when T.J. Tasker (Ann’s brother) was working in the box office in 2006.  The Young Centre was just opening and he told us that the space was incredible and that we should see the production Our Town.  We went to see it, absolutely loved it and have been hooked on Soulpepper ever since!

What inspires you to support Soulpepper?
The quality of the product is inspiring – every show, every concert, every person associated with the company, all are top notch and makes us want to get involved and proud to be associated.

Soulpepper has grown tremendously in both scope and number of productions, events and community outreach and this, combined with the growth of the Academy, gives us a sense that any financial support is well spent and is impactful.

The arts in general can use more support in Canada and Toronto – Soulpepper is a not-for-profit organization that does a lot with, relatively, very little compared to more purely commercial enterprises and in our opinion is an essential and inspiring part of what the Canadian experience can and should be when it comes to the art scene in Toronto, Canada and beyond.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about giving to Soulpepper? And, why do you think the arts should be a priority for philanthropy?
Giving to Soulpepper means supporting a vibrant and innovative Canadian theatre company; a company that not only inspires its talent but also its audiences, and is committed to bringing theatre and culture to the greater community.

We need the arts in our lives for culture, history, joy and wonder.  We feel that everyone wins if you give to the arts.

Where do you see Soulpepper in 10 years?
We see Soulpepper continuing to produce excellent theatre for Canadians to enjoy in the coming years.  We also know that the talent within Soulpepper ‘can travel’ so there is no doubt in our minds that we will see Soulpepper on international stages.  What we have learned about Soulpepper is that anything is possible!

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