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August 11, 2014

Soulpepper’s Graphic Design on Display for SummerWorks

This month the SummerWorks Performance Festival and Artscape Youngplace present an exhibition exploring local graphic design and poster art for the stage. A series of designers have been asked to display their work, including Soulpepper Graphic Designer Jacob Whibley, who has curated a history of Soulpepper’s eye-catching and distinctive designs. The exhibit at Artscape Youngplace is free, and runs from August 7 – 25, 2014, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM daily.

Design Installation 1

Having established itself after six seasons of critically-acclaimed performances, Soulpepper undertook its first major visual branding redesign in 2004, led by Jenny Armour and Carmen Dunjko (working under the name The Beggarstaff Sisters). The project reinforced Soulpepper’s creative mandate across its entire communication platform by blending a sense of classical and contemporary values. The most distinctive design element was taking an illustrative approach to the company’s production posters; the theatrical poster being a primary touch point for the brand, outside of the plays themselves. It also provided an opportunity for the company to collaborate with forward-thinking visual artists, who could produce original and striking work that reflected the passion and values of Soulpepper.

Design Installation 2

Design Installation 3
In 2013 Soulpepper’s design platform underwent an update to refocus the visual language for its expanded range of programming, and to promote the company’s variety of immersive multi-disciplinary cultural experiences. Through framing, layering, and blending of the image/text relationships across its communication, the refresh reflects Soulpepper’s evolving engagement with its audience. The new speech bubble icon is employed to represent a conversation between Soulpepper and its audiences, a relationship extending beyond the theatre. The production posters were given a full-bleed treatment and commissioned illustrative artists are encouraged to take visual cues from the timeless imagery and social resonance that are inherent in Soulpepper’s programming. The designs are imbued with a playful sense of wit, and the promise of an intelligent and energizing Soulpepper theatrical experience.

Design Installation 4

Visit for more information about the 2014 season.