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May 2, 2012

Staff Profile – Craig McDermott, Assistant Patron Services Manager


How long have you worked for Young Centre and what is it that you do?

I first started working at the Young Centre back in 2007 as a Patron Services Representative in the box office. I left in 2009 and CAME BACK at the beginning of 2011 as Assistant Patron Services Manager.

When you’re not at your desk, what are you doing?

I would say the majority of my time, energy and love goes into… sports. I am a sports junky and you will most likely find me this summer down at the dome watching the Jays… not doing the wave…I hate the wave…the wave should be outlawed. I also play in a few softball leagues and I’m playing soccer for the first time this year!
Aside from sports I do enjoy other things like music and dogs. I love dogs…especially my little Boston Terrier. She’s pretty terrific.

What kinds of shows/productions/events have you been involved in and what have you been working on lately?

As an actor I’ve been privileged to work both on stage and television. I’ve had wonderful opportunities from traveling across the country performing Shakespeare to playing an ‘Assistant Manager’ at a Swiss Chalet inventing the most delicious channel on TV – The Rotisserie Channel!
In between auditions I am currently planning the production of my life, also known as my wedding!

What do you love about being a part of the staff at Soulpepper/Young Centre?

I have always loved how friendly the staff is here. Since starting here in the box office I have always felt that the Young Centre was a ‘home away from home’. The artistic community here is something special. It’s truly an inspiration to come in to work everyday and be around people with such a passion for the arts. Coming back to Young Centre last year has been both personally and artistically one of the best decisions I’ve made.