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Free School

Come get curious at Free School!

Free School is a workshop series for inquisitive amateurs to learn new things in an informal and low stress environment. Each session is led by a new facilitator on a new topic and welcomes non-experts to share experience-based and self-taught skills or knowledge. Free School encourages curiosity and lifelong learning, bringing in participants from teens to seniors in a community-building, creative-inspiring setting.  

The series returns in June - stay tuned for details!

Past Workshops

September 20: Halloween Makeup with Julia Carrano
Every day is Halloween! Join SFX Makeup Artist, Julia Carrano (@makeupbycarrano), and learn how easy makeup could be. By learning the fundamentals of makeup and colour theory, participants will learn how to use what they have on hand to transform their facial structure and create something truly gory for this Halloween season. This workshop is open to people of all experience levels but will be focused toward those with beginner and intermediate skills. 

September 13: Public Speaking 101 with Rohan Kulkarni
Doyou get the jitters every time you have to speak in front of a group? Want to nail that important work presentation? Seasoned and self-taught public speaker Rohan Kulkarni will share simple yet proven tools and strategies for clear, persuasive speech that will help you make an impression. Becoming an effective public speaker is easier than you’d think! 

September 6: Scene Shop Talk & Tour with Paul Boddum, Chris Blanchenot and Rhett Costin
Join Head Scenic Artist Paul Boddum, Scenic Artist Chris Blanchenot and Assistant Technical Director Rhett Costin for an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes magic that happensbefore a show hits the stage. Participants will get a tour of the Baillie Theate backstage and the Soulpepper paint and carpentry shops where the sets are built and the scenes are painted. Come learn about how the talented production crew translates ideas, themes and stories into the incredible scenery you see complete on the main stage

August 30: Fundamental of Songwriting with Nathan Schwartzberg 
Have you ever been listening to a song and thought to yourself: “I wonder what it takes to actually write a something like this?” Come learn the basics around crafting songs, lyrics, and much more. Taught by Nathan Schwartzberg, an award-winning songwriter and graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied songwriting and music composition with a focus in writing musical theatre, Nathan will take you through the fundamentals of songwriting with a focus on what makes a catchy song, musical and lyrical ‘hooks’, and much more! 

Do you have skills or knowledge you'd like to share with the community? Get in touch with our Community Activator Jacqui to facilitate your own Free School session!