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Now Accepting Applications for the 2023 Soulpepper Academy!

Soulpepper Academy Support

The Soulpepper Academy is supported by the RBC Emerging Artist Project, with additional generous support from Sylvia Soyka and the Kingfisher Foundation.


The Soulpepper Academy aims to develop highly skilled theatre artists who are equipped to make significant contributions in rehearsal halls and to the cultural landscape of Canada. We develop artistic leaders and believe that a supportive and immersive experience allows artists to move confidently into new territories. The training aims to equip artists to innovate, take risks, and develop their unique voice. The Academy is not only a place of study, but also a site of research where they can pose the artistic questions that both enhance their own practice and shape the future of Canadian theatre.

Successful candidates will be selected for their artistic talent as well as for how their practice might contribute to collaborative creation. All Academy members will attend training sessions together and proceed through the program as an ensemble.

We are looking for performer-creators to join the 2023 Soulpepper Academy. ‘Performer-creator’ refers to artists who have a background and training as performers, and are truly invested in collaborative theatre-making as a pillar of their practice. We are interested in artists who are willing to experiment in writing, design, and collective creation. The ideal candidate has a clear artistic voice, yet is open-minded and ready to take creative risks. For six months, the ensemble will be working and learning alongside some of Canada’s leading artists, as well as creating original work together.

The Academy will begin full-time in June 2023 and conclude in December 2023. Academy participants each receive a stipend of $900/week for the 24 weeks of the program. The Academy training will take place at Soulpepper Theatre at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario.



We are looking for theatre artists who have interest and experience in creating work through a collaborative ensemble process with a willingness to learn, risk, experiment and grow. The Academy is intended for artists who self-identify as emerging or are in the early stages of their career.



All applications will be reviewed by the Academy Selection Committee. In the first round applicants will be asked to submit a document with responses to the questions/prompts outlined in the form below, along with their CV and headshot. For the second round a shortlist of applicants will be invited for in-person auditions and callbacks at Soulpepper. The shortlisted artists will participate in a group audition for their final round. Specifications will be sent to those moving on at every step.

Important: Please make note of the following dates and times for each in-person audition round. If you are shortlisted, you will be required to attend auditions on these dates at Soulpepper:

Round #2 Auditions: March 26 or 27, 9am to 9pm
Round #2 Callbacks: April 2, 9am to 9pm
Round #3 Group Auditions: April 15, 9am to 6pm

We thank everyone for their interest, and we’ll be in touch with you regardless to let you know the status of your application. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback on applications at this time.


If you require accommodations regarding the application process, or have any questions, please email:

We encourage applications from artists belonging to underrepresented and historically marginalized communities.

The main thing I’m taking away from this Academy experience is a deeper sense of confidence and understanding of myself as an artist. One of the aims set out in the Academy application was to help artists discover their unique artistic voice. And while I think this is an ongoing and perhaps ever-changing search, I do feel like I now have a deeper appreciation for the kinds of aesthetics, styles, and content I want to explore.


- Liz Der, 2021 Soulpepper Academy Graduate

At RBC, we care about investing in the places where we live and work. Our support of the arts has been a long-standing priority as we recognize that the arts plays an important role in building vibrant communities and strong economies.  Through RBC Emerging Artists, we are thrilled to continue our support of the Soulpepper Academy and its commitment to provide artists the opportunity to advance their career trajectory in a meaningful way

- Ramin Fazel, RBC Regional Vice President, Downtown Toronto

As an Academy Graduate myself it was so meaningful to work with the Academy cohorts that graduated in 2021 & 2022. To watch them take risks and hone in on skills they had not had the chance to explore. It only reinforced my belief in the importance of a program like this, to ensure the next generations voices are supported and amplified. These five new Academy members are exceptional artists whose curiosity and bold creativity will help us shape the future of the company. I’m excited to watch them learn and grow and share their work with our audiences.

- Weyni Mengesha, Artistic Director

Learn more about the Academy experience from 2022 graduates Will Dao, Varun Guru, Annie Luján, Shaquille Pottinger, and Kiana Woo

apply to the 2023 soulpepper academy

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CV: including your name, address, phone number, email, education, age, special skills, and association status (CAEA, ACTRA, ADC, PGC, etc.) [PDF Format]

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Introductory Questions: To help us get to know you as an artist, please answer each of the following questions/prompts and upload your document below: [PDF Format; please use 12-point font with your full name at the top of every page.]

  • Describe your favourite piece of live theatre you have seen in the last two years.
  • What is a play you would like to perform in or a story you would like to develop into a piece of theatre, and why?
  • Reflect on your qualities as a collaborative artist - what strengths do you bring, and what are some challenges you've faced in a collaborative process? Please cite specific examples. 
  • Why is being part of the Soulpepper Academy integral to your development as an artist in 2023?

Hi-Res Headshot [JPEG Format]

Please insert HEADSHOT

If you require accommodation regarding the application process, or have any questions, please email:

Please note that in order to participate in the Soulpepper Academy, you must be legally entitled to work in Canada.

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The Soulpepper Academy is supported by RBC Emerging Artists Project, and the generosity of Sylvia Soyka, the Kingfisher Foundation, and the Norman and Margaret Jewison Chartiable Foundation. Thank you!

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