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Community Conversations - The Essentials: The Work That Moves Us

Their work has moved you on screen, on stage, and in the jam. Experience an up close and personal conversation with some of Toronto’s leading Black artists as they catch a vibe and share stories about the people and pieces that inspire them.

Featuring: Philip Akin: Artistic Director, Obsidian Theatre. DJ L’Oqenz: DJ, producer, music director, sound designer and cultural curator. Weyni Mengesha: Artistic Director, Soulpepper Theatre. Amanda Parris: Playwright, Host on CBC Radio and Television. SATE: Singer, Actor, Mover.

This Community Conversation was recorded before the surge in the Black Lives Matter movement currently happening around the world, but we invite you to use your time to listen, reflect, and take action on dismantling the systems of oppression that permeate our society and our community.

Recorded live on February 23, 2020 at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

Artists, Books, poems, and videos mentioned in The Essentials: