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QUEERFUTURES 2099 is available to enjoy until the end of the year.


Everyone deserves their queer future. We asked more artists in the community to independently contemplate QUEERFUTURES 2099, and what queerness looks like for them at the turn of the 22nd century. After the Cabaret be sure to explore the Gallery of the Future with more perspectives on queer futures. 


What is Queer Futurism?

“Queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on [the potential] for another world” – José Muñoz

Queer Futurism invites us to look on the horizon of what queer and trans identities could be. This is in contrast to looking at it from what queerness is in the present. It is important to note that queer futurism builds upon other theories such as Afrofuturism, and instead of working against these identities, works in tandem. Queer Futurism acts as a form of resistance against erasure and stereotypes, by radically imagining that anything is possible. 

The Queer Youth Cabaret is returning after a successful inaugural event in 2020. Cultivated from “Queer Place, Queer Space”, QueerFutures 2099 sets its sights towards the future of queerness. Presented in affiliation with Pride Toronto, 13 queer artists ask themselves, how do we, as queer and trans artists, contemplate our futures? What does queerness look like at the turn of the 22nd Century?

Join us for a beautiful artistic exploration of queer futures and a celebration of queerness hosted by Heath V. Salazar (Gay Jesus) and Kwaku Okyere!

Producer/Creative Lead: Jacob Kay
Communications/Creative Lead: Milusha Copas
Technical Director/Streaming Technician: Corey MacVicar
Production Manager: Megan Woods

Artistic Director: Weyni Mengesha
Executive Director: Emma Stenning
Education Manager: Fiona Suliman
Education Assistant: Breanne Tice

Special Thanks: ACTRA Toronto, Ilona Gal, Nicoy Davis, Jamie Nicholson, Benjamin Van Dinther, Paris Molokwu, Cristina Gonçalves, Elizabeth Staples, Omar Ramirez, Ana Lucia Garrido. 

QueerFutures 2099 is an affiliate event with PrideTO

QueerFutures 2099 is supported by Sun Life.