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February 3, 2015

Staff Profile – Mike Ledermueller, Technical Director


How long have you worked at the Soulpepper and tell us a little bit about what your job consisted of lately.

I’ve worked for Soulpepper since 2003, and I have been Technical Director since 2007. Lately, my job has consisted of planning the 2015 season, and building the schedule and framework that will dictate how and when each production will be produced. I lead my team of Associate Technical Directors who take on individual productions; currently we are in tech rehearsals and previews for our first two shows of the year, but we are also in pre-production for the next eight(!) shows. This means reviewing designs and deciding if and how we can realize what the designers are hoping for. On top of that, we are managing our concert series, and several Soulpepper Academy workshops and projects.

What kinds of shows/productions/events have you been involved in outside of work?

I really hate to say it, but I’m not as involved in the greater theatre community as I once was. Life has been slowly taking over. What I still manage to do is be a resource for my colleagues in the city who, in turn, are a valuable resource to me when I need some help. Creative problem solving is my favourite part of my job, so whenever I get a call from another TD or a theatre schools student looking for advice, and also through social media groups, I am more than happy to help find a solution. There’s always something different and new popping up in theatre, that’s what keeps it fresh and interesting, even after 12+ years.

When you’re not at work, what are you doing?

Recently, most of my spare time has been taken up with changing diapers and making goofy faces for my 6 month old son, Luke. But, when he’s finally asleep, I like to spend my time being nerdy.

One hobby of mine is Astronomy, I really like pointing a telescope at the sky and seeing what’s out there. If I can, I try to capture some of what I see.

My photos of the recent lunar eclipse:


My biggest obsession has been WW2 cryptography, especially the Enigma machine. I recently built a digital replica of one, and I’ve read countless books on the topic. It has taken me to the archives of the Canadian War Museum and in the fall, I’ll be going to Bletchley Park in England.  Thankfully, there is now a movie out about it, so people finally know what I’ve been going on about for the last year.

My Enigma-E in action:



What do you love about working at Young Centre/Soulpepper?

I love that this company is always changing and evolving, trying more ambitious ideas, and pushing the limits of what this building can contain. It has never stayed the same for long; I was there for some of the Harbourfront years, I was part of the ground breaking ceremony for the Young Centre, and I’ve helped put on bold new programming like our Festivals and the Slaight Family Music Program.  I am very proud that I have been involved in much of Soulpepper’s growth – it has kept my job fresh, exciting and, most of all, fun.