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October 2, 2014

Staff Profile – Tal Hebdon, Manager of Patron and Operations Services

Tal Hebdon

How long have you worked at the Young Centre and tell us a little bit about what your job consisted of lately.

I’ve been at the Young Centre for 2 ½ years; time flies when you’re busy! These days, my time is filled with preparations for our Annual Global Cabaret Festival. It’s also the first year that we are operating the café internally, so we are brainstorming a fun new menu and possibly a sweet-smelling fall beverage.  I’m also in the midst of building the 2015 Soulpepper Season in our ticketing system so we can start selling tickets soon (can’t say more than that… it’s still a secret).

When you’re not at work, what are you doing?

My family has a very, very rustic little cabin that my grandfather built for my grandmother on the family farm where she was born. I love playing with my two little ones up there where they set the pace and we play until they are done!  If we’re not at the farm, likely we’re racing from ballet to piano to ball hockey to swimming lessons. Yes, it’s true, my daughter has played ball hockey wearing her ballet outfit under her hockey gear!

What do you love about working at Young Centre/Soulpepper?

Life at the Young Centre is almost embarrassingly great! There is so much talent and creativity here, we all see it on stage each night but it’s just as strong behind the scenes too. Regardless of job title, ideas are always welcome and everyone’s voice is heard.  I’ve been most impressed with the generosity here; people are so generous with their time, their ideas, their energy, their praise, their support and best of all with home-baked sweets!