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October 12 - November 26
Young Centre for the Performing Arts Atrium
50 Tank House Lane

too long; didn’t read is a text-based installation showcasing excerpts from the scripts of Her Words Festival’s mainstage productions.
The curated selection of bite-sized texts serve as a tribute to women’s stories that are often ignored and an invitation to delve deeper into the words spoken on stage. 
Featuring writing by: 
Kat Sandler,  
Sandra Caldwell,  
from The Guide to Being Fabulous 
Raha Javanfar & Sarah Wilson,  
from Sympathy for the Devil 
Erin Shields,  
from Jane Eyre 

Too Long; Didn't Read was made possible with the expertise of the talented printers at Incredible Printing

Questions or media inquiries can be directed to Community Activator Jacqui Arntfied: