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Soulpepper Perspectives: Q&A with Ins Choi, Bad Parent Playwright

We recently caught up with Kim’s Convenience creator Ins Choi, whose new play Bad Parent is making its World Premiere at Soulpepper Theatre this month. Following the run here Bad Parent moves on to…

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Soulpepper Perspectives: Travis Knights

I miss being asleep.  I miss going about my daily life, blind to the weight of the current moment.  The Black Lives Matter protests have awakened me.  I am awake…

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Soulpepper Perspectives: Raha Javanfar

Back in early June, I was asked to write a blog entry. At the time, I submitted the photo on the left, and some writing about how COVID-19 had been…

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Soulpepper Perspectives: Oliver Dennis

Well. I’m writing this at the beginning of week 11 of self isolation. I’m isolating with my wife, Deb Drakeford, and our 2 grown children in our little house in…

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Soulpepper Perspectives: Nancy Palk

Hello to all of you Soulpepper patrons, and colleagues. Hope you are well, and not suffering with symptoms of the virus, or from the loneliness of self isolation and social…

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Soulpepper Perspectives: Mike Ross

Strange, beautiful, challenging times. I have had some of the highest and lowest moments of my life through the last 6 weeks. Watching opportunities for artists to share their talents,…

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