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April 10, 2012

Staff Profile – Andy DeVries, Head Carpenter


All of Soulpepper’s sets are built and painted in the 2600sq’ combined carpentry, paint and prop shops located in the Baillie Centre, one tank house west of the Young Centre.   Andy DeVries began assisting with the building of Soulpepper sets in the Ryerson Scenery Shop, prior to the opening of the Young Centre, and continued to eventually become Head Carpenter in 2006. – Mike Ledermueller, Technical Director

How long have you worked for Soulpepper and what is it that you do?

I am currently the Head of Carpentry for Soulpepper and have been working with the company since 2004.

When you’re not at your desk, what are you doing?

Cutting, nailing, sanding, gluing, etc. All of my work typically happens away from the desk, with the exception of paperwork and coffee breaks. Sometimes I’m even building the desk…

Outside of Soulpepper, what kinds of shows/productions/events/projects have you been involved in? Have you been working on anything lately?

Anyone who knows me knows my predilection for costuming and building armour. It’s rare that someone can walk into the shop without seeing one project or another underway. Most recently I’ve been learning how to build traditional samurai armour, albeit with modern tools and processes.

What do you love about being a part of the staff at Soulpepper?

It’s always been a pleasure to walk into the building and have the sense that I’m not “going to work,” but rather spending some time with a large and eccentric family. Everyone is friendly and familiar with each other in a way more like small town residents who band together rather than keep their distance. It’s never hard to find a smile around here.