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December 5, 2014

Staff Profile – Laura Bonang, Patron Services Coordinator

Laura Bonang
How long have you worked at the Young Centre and tell us a little bit about w
hat your job consists of lately.

I’ve been at the Young Centre since April 2011. I started out as a part-time Patron Services Representative in the Box Office, and then about two years ago I got my current position as Patron Services Coordinator.

Lately, my job has consisted of children. Hundreds and hundreds of children. Between our current Family Festival programming of A Christmas Carol and Kim’s Convenience, and the George Brown production of Mad About Munsch, Front of House has been a whirlwind of lost mittens and spilled hot chocolate. It’s a very different experience from how Front of House normally operates, but it’s so great to welcome families and young kids into the Young Centre, especially at this time of year!

What kinds of shows/productions/events have you been involved in outside of work?

I don’t do a lot of professional coordinating of patron services outside of the Young Centre, but I have done a fair bit of performing. My sketch troupe LadyBusiness performed in the Ottawa and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, as well as Toronto and Montreal Sketch Fests. My best friend/writing partner and I created and performed a two-woman show called Fatastrophe for the Toronto Fringe Festival, and continue to perform sketch and musical comedy together. I also do Improv a few times a month.

When you’re not at work, what are you doing?

I’ve been writing the same 20 pages of a screenplay for about 5 years.

What do you love about working at Young Centre/Soulpepper?

Has anyone said “the people” yet in one of these? I’d like to be the first to go on record as saying that the people who work here really are pretty great. (Except one. You know who you are…)

Kidding aside, it really is the people that set this place apart. There are so many creative, talented and interesting people going above and beyond to put out some of the most consistently innovative and engaging work in the city, year in and year out. It’s amazing to see, and very special to be a part of.